About Me.

Who I Am

Hi! My name is Dan Ditomaso, and I'm a Toronto based Front End Developer. I enjoy designing and building beautiful, accessible, and responsive websites. I graduated in 2018 from the Immersive Web Development Program at HackerYou (renamed to Juno College in 2019). Prior to that, I worked as IT Infrastructure architect working with a number of cloud providers including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. I have over 10 years experience in IT Infrastructure consulting, I realized while working in that role the importance of being a part of a team to deliver a steller customer experience. One of my goals of being a Front End Developer it to always build beautiful, functional web applications that also have a great user experience.

What I Do

I am a self motivated learner with a thirst for knowledge on the latest web technologies and development best practices. I am a developer with a repertoire of projects that have taught me the value of excellence in all that I do. When you don’t find me behind a computer, I'm most likely either playing competitive Ultimate Frisbee, or rock climbing at one the cliffs around Ontario.

What I Bring

I love what I do, and hold myself to very high standards. I bring with me a keen desire to continue learning paired with my years of demonstrable experience working with a variety of technologies both infrastructure and web based. I strive for excellence in everything I develop.



React Ask-A-Question Web Application

User authenticated ticketing system that helps students ask teachers for help in real time. It has two kinds of user accounts, ability to create classrooms of students and much more! Please use this key to enroll in a test classroom - LTEEjNet. Powered by React and Firebase.

Built Using:

  • React,
  • React Router,
  • Javascript,
  • Google Firebase,
  • Pair Programming,
  • HTML,
  • CSS
A screenshot of the classroom screen for the HalpQ application


Nearby Restaurant Recommendations Web Application

The objective of this project was to design a site where bootcamp students could enter the duration of their break and the style of food they were interested in, and it would return a Google Map with resturants within the walking distance and alloted break time of HackerYou.The Zomato and Google Maps API's were heavily used on this project.

Built Using:

  • JavaScript,
  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • Pair Programming,
  • jQuery
A screenshot of the header for the breakTime application


PSD To Website Convertion Project

This was a PSD conversion project that required attention to details and unique solutions in order to correctly accomplish the project objectives, the final project had to be fully responsive on mobile. Students were restricted to using only HTML5 and CSS3 only, no web frameworks were allowed.

Built Using:

  • HTML,
  • CSS
A screenshot of the Submmit PSD to website convertion project

Contact Me.

I am currently employed full time as a Frontend Developer working with a team of folks building awesome things! If you have an opportunity that you would like to share I'd love to hear from you!

Dan Ditomaso the author this amazing site, I am a Front End Developer and this site showcases my portfolio items!