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Hi! My name is Dan Ditomaso, and I'm a Toronto-based Front-End Web Developer. I recently graduated from the bootcamp Program at HackerYou and have a passion for writing clean, organized code. I have a enjoy seeking out JavaScript or React

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my work

  • HalpQ

    React Group Project

    This react application was designed to replace the current "Ask For Help" web applicaiton used by HackerYou Bootcamp students. This site uses Google Firebase as its primary datastore, additionally Google authentication and authorization is used throughout the site.

    • React |
    • Firebase |
    • HTML5 |
    • Javascript |
    • CSS3 |
    • Reponsive
  • hoodFood

    Jquery/API Project

    The project objective was to design a site where bootcamp students could enter the duration of break they had and the style of food they were interested in, and it would return resturants that allow the to walk to that location and return with the take-away. The Zomato API and Google Maps were heavily used on this project.

    • Pair Programming |
    • API |
    • Jquery |
    • HTML5 |
    • JavaScript |
    • CSS3 |
    • Reponsive Design
  • Harper

    PSD Conversion

    This was a PSD conversion project that required attention to details and unique solutions in order to correctly accomplish the objective, the final project had to be fully responsive on mobile. Students were restricted to using only HTML5 and CSS3 as no frameworks were allowed.

    • HTML5 |
    • CSS3 |
    • PSD Conversation |
    • Reponsive Design

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hi [at] danditomaso.com

I am currently looking for a new Web Development role. If you have an opportunity that you would like to speak with me about, please reach out.